ActualMeds is a certified by Surescripts for Medication History for Acute Settings, providing real-time patient medication history from participating payers, PBMS, and retail pharmacies.




PQA_ArialActualMeds is a partner of  Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) and has licensed its databases and quality measures for incoporation into ActualMeds evidenced-based rules for medication management and reconciliation.
PQA is a non-profit  organization dedicated to improving the quality of medication management and use across healthcare settings with the goal of improving patients’ health through a collaborative process to develop and implement performance measures and recognize examples of exceptional pharmacy quality. PQA measures are used by CMS to evaluate the quality of Medicare Advantage-part D plans and standalone  Medicare Part D plans.


logo-new_0SphereGen is ActualMeds’s software development and delivery partner. SphereGen is a global company that provides a blended shore approach to IT consultancy services, and maintains offices in Connecticut and Pune, India, among other locations. SphereGen has significant experience with enterprise healthcare data, security and privacy, and interoperability.

CHC LogoCase Haub Consulting (CHC) is a Clinical Pharmacist Services firm dedicated to transforming the future of pharmacy. We believe that pharmacists have unique skills and training that can make a significant difference in improving patients’ overall health care, and our team of more than 100 clinical pharmacists is passionate about engaging with patients, finding solutions to medication-related issues, collaborating with local pharmacies and physicians, and delivering high quality patient-centric care that improves overall health outcomes while managing costs.