Medication Adherence: Starts With The Right Therapeutic Regimen

TweetActualMeds CEO Patricia Meisner discusses how reducing complexity and risk of medication regimens in older adults is a fundamentally different approach to improving adherence. In order to do this care teams must be aware of a patient’s medication history to guide therapy and interventions at the point of care.  Listen to the entire podcast at: read more

Simplifying Medication Regimens: Add a Pharmacist to Your Care Team!

TweetMore than a decade ago, World Health Organization (WHO) identified medication non-adherence a problem of great importance. In a 2003 white paper, WHO states that the medication non-adherence rate for patients with chronic diseases in developed countries is a full 50%.1  George, et al. performed a systematic review in 2008 and determined complex medication regimens […] read more

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Medication Adherence: Why Is It So Hard, What Is It Worth, What Does It Cost?

TweetFebruary 15, 2015 A recent study published by Hutchins et al. in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes is causing a buzz on news sites and blogs.  Paraphrasing some of the headlines we have seen: “Many prefer an early death to pill taking” and “Some patients willing to pay almost $1500 to avoid taking […] read more

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